Apply for a Sports Excellence Scholarship

To apply please click here to be taken to the online application process you will recieve a summary of your application via email. As no late registrations will be accepted, please take note of the closing dates below to ensure that the application is accepted within the deadline.

  1. Applicants must:
  • be enrolled at a Victorian school;
  • have sporting potential consistent with competing at a state representative level;
  • be an Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia (within the meaning of the Australian Citizenship Act 2007 (Cth)); and
  • have financial circumstances that would preclude them from otherwise participating at representative
  1. Please note that no extensions of the advertised due date will be given
  2. Successful applicants will receive $800 towards the cost of expenses for the championship. The balance of the invoiced cost of participation must be met by the student (and their parent/guardian) and may be supplemented by the sale of SSV raffle tickets and additional fundraising
  3. Recipients must use all of the money awarded from the scholarship to fund their participation as a member of Team
  4. Scholarship winners are required to submit photos, videos and written content documenting their story at the School Sport Australia Championship.

Sports eligible for a Sports Excellence Scholarship Fund​

​Baseball​18 Years and Under​​Friday, 15 MarchOne
​Triathlon13 - 19 YearsFriday, 12 April​One
​Tennis​18 Years and Under​Friday, 12 April​One
​Netball​15 Years and Under​Friday, 31 May​One
Swimming​10 - 19 Years​Friday, 21 June​Two
​Swimming​Multi Class​Friday, 21 June​One
​​Australian Football (Boys)15 Years and Under​​Friday, 28 June​One
​Australian Football (Girls)​15 Years and Under​Friday, 28 June​One
​Diving​10 - 19 Years​Friday, 28 June​One
​Basketball​18 Years and Under​Friday, 5 July​One
​Australian Football​12 Years and Under​Friday, 5 July​Two
​Hockey16 Years and Under Friday, 12 July​One
​Rugby League​12 Years and UnderFriday, 12 JulyTwo
​Basketball​12 Years and Under​Friday, 19 July​One
​Golf​17 Years and Under​Friday, 19 July​One
​Hockey​12 Years and Under​​Friday, 19 July​One
​​Volleyball​15 Years and UnderFriday, 19 July​​One
​Football (Soccer)​12 Years and Under​Friday, 4 August​Two
​Cross Country​10-12 Years​Friday, 2 August​One
​Cross Country​Multi Class​Friday, 9 August​One
​Netball​12 Years and Under​Friday, 16 August​One
​Track and Field​10 - 12 Years​Friday, 16 August​Three
Track and Field​​​​​​​Multi Class​​Friday, 16 August​Two
​Football (Soccer) Girls​18 Years and Under​Wednesday, 4 September​One
​Football (Soccer) Boys​16 Years and Under​Wednesday, 4 September​One
​Tennis​12 Years and Under​Friday, 13 September​One
​Golf​12 Years and Under​Friday, 11 October​One
​Cricket​​12 Years and Under​Friday, 18 October​One