Sports Excellence Scholarship Recipients

Claire Hind

Claire hopes to play for Australia one day. Hear how receiving an SESF Scholarship impacted her and her family.

Maja Markovski

Maja Markovski: has maturity and sporting skills beyond her years. Maja has been selected for three Team Vic Football (Soccer) teams and received a Sports Excellence Scholarship. Maja is certainly a standout in many ways. Hear Maja and her mum Deb explain what it meant to receive the Sports Excellence Scholarship.

Jasmine Besanko-Farrugia

Jasmine Besanko-Farrugia speaks about how receiving an SESF Scholarship impacted her and her family. Jasmine wants to one day represent Australia at a Swimming Championship and her believes she can do it.

James and Elena Nicholls

It is rare that both a brother and sister would be awarded a scholarship. James and Elena Nicholls share their experience being in the same Team Vic team and being awarded scholarships 12 months apart.

Elena Nicholls

Elena Nicholls (Bellarine Secondary College) was awarded a Sports Excellence Scholarship for her selection in the Team Vic Swimming Team.
Elena shares how she felt being selected for the team and being awarded a scholarship.

Jack Clements

Jack Clements represented Victoria in the Team Vic Pizzey Cup 18 Years and Under Tennis team. Jack has represented Victoria on several occasions.
Jack was awarded a scholarship in 2017. Jack shares his feelings of being awarded a scholarship.

Rebecca Henderson

Rebecca Henderson (Berwick Secondary College) Sports Excellence Scholarship recipient was awarded a scholarship for being selected in the Team Vic triathlon team.

Rebecca shares about how her three-time selection into Team Vic is the motivation she needs to take her sporting talent to the world stage.

James Nicholls

James Nicholls (Bellarine Secondary College) speaks about being awarded the Victorian School Sport Award for Swimming. James also received a Sports Excellence Scholarship.

Taylah Robinson

Congratulations to Taylah Robinson (Karoo Primary School) on being awarded the Victorian School Sport Award for the sport of Golf. SSV catches up with Taylah to touch base with how she feels about being awarded the Sports Excellence Scholarship.

Kiara Flavel

Kiara Flavel has been a consistent runner from an early age. Kiara often makes region, state and even national championships. The Sports Excellence Scholarship has given Kiara the opportunity to reach nationals and perform at the School Sport Australia Cross Country Championships.

Vicson Jackely

Vicson Jackely has found pride in knowing he has a sporting talent. Hear Principal Louie Gulano share how the school community got behind this young man, playing their part in Vicson achieving his potential.

Timothy Karpinski

A talented young athlete who has been selected for many Team Vic teams, Timothy has a bright future in elite Tennis. Timothy has had to overcome an illness to continue playing at this high level.

Bol Mathieu

Bol Mathieu grew up in a fatherless family. Bol walks 28 minutes to school each day, rain hail or shine. It was at his Thomastown school that Bol’s sporting talent was discovered.

Koreti Leilua

Koreti Leilua was the first female to be selected in an all boys team, see how she felt being part of that team and receiving the prestigious Victorian School Sports Award. Koreti also shares how she feels after receiving the Sports Excellence Scholarship.

Heidi Garac

Heidi is a super star in so many ways.  Heidi has consistently performed at a national level in her chosen sport. SSV caught up with Heidi at the Victorian School Sports Awards, where she received this prestigious award for her contribution to netball. Hear how Heidi felt after receiving the Sports Excellence Scholarship.

First NameLast NameSchool NameSportYear
ElenaNichollsBellarine Secondary CollegeSwimming2018
EricZubicicKorumburra Secondary CollegeSwimming2018
YashodaSenarathneClayton North Primary SchoolCricket2018
RebeccaHendersonBerwick Secondary CollegeTriathlon2018
MaliaGaleMaribyrnong CollegeNetball2018
LucasKentBallarat High SchoolSwimming2018
LiamEvansRowville Secondary CollegeBaseball2018
JoshuaWightLeongatha Secondary CollegeSwimming2018
JasmineBesankoMaribyrnong CollegeSwimming2018
JackClementsWonthaggi Secondary CollegeTennis2018
AshleeMcMahonOrrvale Primary School Netball2017
ChandraAbrahamsNeerim District Secondary CollegeAustralian Football2017
CharlesLockleyMaribyrnong CollegeSwimming2017
ClaireHindMaribyrnong CollegeHockey2017
CoreyFiddesBox Hill Senior Secondary CollegeBasketball2017
GuillaumeChinapenAlamanda P-9 CollegeFootball (Soccer)2017
HarleyReidTongala Primary SchoolAustralian Football2017
HassaniMehdiCranbourne Secondary CollegeCross Country (Multi Class)2017
HeidiGaracEastbourne Primary SchoolNetball2017
JackBassettYarrawonga P-12 CollegeTennis2017
Jessica-BelleCatheray-HarveyRowville Secondary CollegeBasketball2017
JackClementsWonthaggi Secondary CollegeTennis2017
RiverStevens-DobbyMooroolbark Secondary CollegeBaseball2017
KaneMarrinerNaranga SchoolCross Country (Multi Class)2017
KiaraFlavelEmerald PrimaryCross Country2017
KoretiLeiluaFountain Gate Primary SchoolRugby League2017
LochlanWarrenAshwood SchoolCross Country (Multi Class)2017
MadelaineVollmerFrankston High SchoolCross Country2017
MiaHamilton-SmithSomerville Primary SchoolHockey2017
MitchellCrabbeGeelong High SchoolGolf2017
MollyThatcherAshwood SchoolCross Country (Multi Class)2017
NaomiFitzgeraldDistance EducationDiving2017
NicoleteWrightLeongatha Primary SchoolSwimming2017
OliverNgaboyisongaClifton Springs Primary SchoolTrack and Field2017
YasminHayesRochester SecondaryCross Country2017
TipiLehaAltona Meadows Primary SchoolRugby League2017
TimKarpinskiBox Hill Senior Secondary CollegeTennis2017
TaylahRobinsonKaroo Primary SchoolGolf2017
SandraMuletaAshwood SchoolCross Country (Multi Class)2017
SarahAllwoodNelson Park Specialist SchoolTrack and Field (Multi Class)2017
SarahLorcaKeilor Downs College Football (Soccer)2017
SangCungPembroke Primary SchoolTrack and Field2017
Salele FeagaimaliiWantirna CollegeAustralian Football2017
JamesNichollsBellarine Secondary CollegeSwimming2017
LeeTaylorLilydale High SchoolAustralian Football2018
RileySpicerLilydale High SchoolBasketball2018
IsopoTaunuuRiver Gum Primary SchoolRugby League2018
EzekielTaupauMernda Primary SchoolRugby League2018
BenjaminStruttBanyan Fields Primary SchoolRugby League2018
ZoeSmithMerebin P-10 CollegeVolleyball2018
HayleyLettsRowville Secondary CollegeBasketball2018
LaylaLopezMaribyrnong CollegeFootball (Soccer)2018
JoshuaAllenCamberwell Primary SchoolHockey2018
MicthellCrabbeGeelong High SchoolGolf2018
ArchieHewettBenton Junior collegeCross Country2018
KirraWightWandong Primary SchoolCross Country (Multi Class)2018
AnastaciaSamarasMaribyrnong CollegeFootball (Soccer)2018
MichaelVonjaKeilor Downs Secondary CollegeFootball (Soccer)2018
TeahWilsonLaburnum Primary SchoolNetball2018
OliviaRocheBlackburn High SchoolDiving2018
MajaMarkovskiLakeview Senior CampusFootball (Soccer)2018
DylanLeePoint Cook CollegeFootball (Soccer)2018
MillieCassidyMaryborough Education CentreGolf2018
NathanDuvallBrookside P-9 CollegeSoftball2018
BenjaminGibsonRuskin Park Primary SchoolCricket2016
CooperGoodmanWarrandyte high SchoolBaseball2016
ChandraAbrahamsMaribyrnong CollegeAustralian Football Girls2016
GabrielleNewtonGreensborough CollegeAustralian Football Girls2016
IvyPhuMaribyrnong CollegeTennis 2016
JackHowellBrentwood Primary SchoolSwimming2016
JamieAhaleBoxhill Senior Secondary CollegeBasketball2016
JessicaJohnsonAshwood SchoolTrack and Field2016
LinleyOoiMelbourne Girls CollegeGolf2016
MehdiHassaniCranbourne Secondary CollegeCross Country2016
MontanaHaag-WitherdenAshwood SchoolCross Country2016
MortonHafkampKennington Primary SchoolGolf2016
Nicholas GalileosLyndale Secondary CollegeSwimming2016
SkyeAndersonBelmont PrimaryTrack and Field2016
Silver BellMorrisKennington Primary SchoolFootball (Soccer)2016
SitiveniEliVictoria University SC Deer ParkRugby League2016
TaraHuntAshwood SchoolCross Country2016
TrevorSsemakulaVictoria University SC (Brimbank)Football (Soccer)2016
VicsonJackleyThomastown Primary Track and Field2016
ZinzanKahuWallarano Primary SchoolRugby League2016
CooperAlgerWarragul North Primary School Basketball2015
ChristianChieregoWallan Secondary CollegeGolf2015
MatthewEllulRoxburgh CollegeSoftball2015
LorenzoFaumuinaBerwick Fields Primary School Rugby League2015
JacobFeistKillara Primary School Softball2015
RileyHillBundoora Secondary CollegeBaseball2015
CharlesLockleyMaribyrnong CollegeSwimming2015
LiamMclureRowville Secondary CollegeFootball (Soccer)2015
AngelOzokweluMernda Primary SchoolTrack & Field2015
MadisonPrespakisGisborne Secondary College Australian Football2015
JoshuaRacheleOrrvale Primary School Football (Soccer)2015
GeorgiaRicardoCheltenham Secondary College Australian Football2015
EmmanuelValsamisAberfeldie Primary School Tennis2015
VanVanEastwood Primary School Track & Field2015
LachlanBoyeWodonga Senior CollegeSwimming2014
JiathChangKuothKurnai CollegeAustralian Football2014
MoniqueContiMaribyrnong CollegeAustralian Football2014
GemmaCornellGlendal Primary School Softball2014
DDUndisclosedTrack & Field2014
SioneFinauWallan Secondary School Rugby League2014
JoshuaHansenColac Secondary CollegeSwimming2014
TeleahHayesRochester Secondary CollegeCross Country2014
HarrishKannanGlendal Primary SchoolCricket2014
KurtisLynchBendigo Senior Secondary CollegeGolf2014
SamanthaMarnellMontpellier Primary SchoolTrack & Field2014
FraserMarrisWarrnambool Primary School Golf2014
BolMathieuSt.Albans Primary SchoolTrack & Field2014
JessicaMayneRowville Secondary CollegeCross Country2014
EthanPenrithThornbury High SchoolAustralian Football2014
JosiahRamelGladstone Park Secondary College Football (Soccer)2014
Chancai Sookton-EngMaribyrnong CollegeTennis2014
Ashley StaplesAshwood SchoolCross Country2014
EmmanuelValsamisAberfeldie Primary School Tennis2014
BladeWhioke-NicholsonThe Grange P-12 SchoolRugby League2014
SarahBealesScoresby Secondary CollegeSoftball2013
SophieDwyerBuangor Primary SchoolCricket2013
Iverson FuatimauVictoria University Secondary CollegeRugby League2013
JoshHansenColac Secondary CollegeSwimming2013
JadeMannTallangatta Secondary CollegeHockey2013
BambinaMoukassa MbaniSunshine Heights Primary School Track & Field2013
BigoaNyuonHallam Primary SchoolTrack & Field2013
AnthonyYoungLowanna CollegeAustralian Football2013
Chudier Gatwech CholFairhills High School Football (Soccer)2012
StaceyPapadopoulosNorthcote High School Football (Soccer)2012
JaiTaepaFountain Gate Secondary CollegeRugby League2012
GraceMoyleEchuca East Primary SchoolCricket2018
KodyTaylorWattle View Primary SchoolCricket2018
YashodaSenerathneClayton North Primary SchoolCricket2018
MarieBarryManangatang P-12 CollegeTrack & Field2018
XavierPittAppin Park Primary SchoolTrack & Field2018
LiamShadboltBeverford District Primary SchoolTrack & Field2018
LukeNgaumaCroydon Primary SchoolTrack & Field (Multi Class)2018
ZiggyDinghamRowellyn Park Primary SchoolTrack & Field (Multi Class)2018
CharlieCollinsRingwood Secondary CollegeBaseball2019
AlyssiaPisanoRowville Secondary CollegeAustralian Football2018
TristanPriceParkdale Secondary CollegeTriathlon2019
TepaeaHobsonMaribyrnong CollegeNetball2019
BridgetCainKurnai CollegeSwimming2019
LachlanDosserWilliamstown High SchoolSwimming2019
LilyEldridgeWarracknabeal Secondary CollegeSwimming2019
MatthewStephensonManor Lakes P-12 CollegeAustralian Football2019
CooperKitchenBannockburn P-12 CollegeAustralian Football2019
AllanahGillespieRowville Secondary CollegeBasketball2019
ElizaO'NeillCamberwell High SchoolHockey2019
IsaacNobleTemplestowe CollegeHockey2019
PorcheJohnThe Grange P-12Rugby League2019
Piper-MaeStubbsRowville Secondary CollegeGolf2019
JasperStubbsRowville Secondary CollegeGolf2019
SummerZhuVermont Primary SchoolDiving2019
MitchellCrabbeGeelong High SchoolGolf2019
BaileyWallaceCamberwell Primary SchoolHockey2019
MatthewKeretiThe Grange P - 12Rugby League2019
JackBerryMandama Primary SchoolTrack and Field2019
ToriEnglishSt. Monicas Primary School (Wodonga)Track and Field2019
CassieFarleySale Primary SchoolTrack and Field2019
NoaSouroopChelsea Primary SchoolTrack and Field2019
ArielaSpragueBerwick Chase Primary SchoolTrack and Field2019
IndianaVan RamselaarWodonga South PrimaryTrack and Field2019
KirraWrightWandong Primary SchoolTrack and Field2019
ConradVan RavensteinMazenod CollegeVolleyball2019
JackAbbruzzeseSt Monicas Primary SchoolTrack and Field2019
EnzoCampanaNossal High SchoolFootball (Soccer)2019
NikitaFarkasUpwey High SchoolVolleyball2019
BryleeLaveryMaribyrnong CollegeVolleyball2019
DivineVilliGladstone Views Primary SchoolTrack and Field2019
HopeVilliGladstone Views Primary SchoolTrack and Field2019
MafiAhoKings Park Primary SchoolTrack and Field2019
Catherine RenehanGennazzano FJC CollegeFootball (Soccer)2019
CassieCarmenMelbourne Girls' CollegeFootball (Soccer)2019
BlakeCornelisWonthaggi Secondary CollegeFootball (Soccer)2019
TyreseTamRowville Secondary CollegeFootball (Soccer)2019
HunterRichardsonFrankston Heights Primary SchoolSoftball2019
Koharu NishikawaMcKinnon Primary SchoolTennis2019
SiennaGidariMaribyrnong CollegeFootball (Soccer)2019
HollyFurphyMaribyrnong CollegeFootball (Soccer)2019