We apologise for this situation, however we can only fund scholarships based on the income we receive from our generous partners.

SESF Scholarships are for families and students who demonstrate the need for financial support to attend national and international events.


What is the Sports Excellence Scholarship Fund (SESF)?

The SESF is a registered charity that supports young athletes aged 10 to 18 years old, whose financial circumstances would preclude them from otherwise participating at representative level for their state or Australia. 

Scholarship Details

$1,000 per scholarship

Successful scholarship recipients will be required to submit photos, videos and a testimonial documenting their story at their National or International Championship.

What are the criteria to apply?

State or National Team Representative students who are enrolled in an Australian school. This includes Government and non-Government Schools and Multi Class athletes.

Please note: You are not eligible if you are representing your school or sports club.

Students who are Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia (within the meaning of the Australian Citizenship Act 2007)

Families or students who demonstrate financial hardship.

Be competing in an official national championship endorsed by the relevant Australian Sports Commission recognised National Sporting Organisation (NSO) or School Sport Australia. 

To check your sports eligibility please go to or

Please note that you must have confirmation of your team selection prior to applying for a scholarship.

Families and students can re-apply each year, regardless of the outcome of the application the previous year. 

A maximum of 1 scholarship per year can be awarded to an athlete. 

When can I apply?

You can apply at any stage of the school year, as long as it is at least one week before your departure to your event.

What documentation do you need to apply?

All applicants must fill in the application form on this page. Applications must be endorsed by the school principal where the student is enrolled. 

Please note applications will not be assessed until the school principal endorsement is received. 

Evidence of financial circumstances that would otherwise preclude the applicant from participating. This may include evidence of a valid Health Care Card /Pensioner Concession Card (not essential).

View the full scholarship Terms and Conditions here.

Triathlon13 – 19 YearsFriday, 21 February
Baseball18 Years and UndersSunday, 23 February
Tennis18 Years and UnderMonday, 24 February
Softball17 Years and UnderFriday, 21 February
Netball15 Years and UnderMonday, 16 March
Australian Football14 Years and UnderMonday, 20 April
Swimming10 – 19 YearsFriday, 22 May
Australian Football12 Years and UnderMonday, 25 May
Hockey16 Years and UnderMonday, 4 May
Basketball18 Years and UnderMonday, 17 May
Basketball12 Years and UnderFriday, 26 July
Hockey12 Years and UnderMonday, 18 May
Cross Country10 – 12 YearsMonday, 18 May
Golf18 Years and UnderFriday, 15 May
Rugby League12 Years and UnderMonday, 18 May
Football (Soccer)12 Years and UnderMonday, 22 June
Football (Soccer)16 Years and Under BoysTBC
Football (Soccer)18 Years and Under GirlsTBC
Netball12 Years and UnderFriday, 29 May
Volleyball15 Years and UnderFriday, 28 February
Tennis12 Years and UnderFriday, 12 June
Track and Field10 – 12 YearsFriday, 2 October
Touch Football15 Years and UnderTBC
Touch Football12 Years and UnderTBC
Golf12 Years and UnderMonday, 10 August
Cricket12 Years and UnderTBC
Diving10 – 19 YearsTBC
Softball12 Years and UnderTBC

To apply please click here to be taken to the online application process. Once you have completed your sections of the online application, two things will happen, (a) you will receive a summary of your online application, and (b) the Principal of the school the student is enrolled at will also receive a notification and be required to endorse the application. The Principal must endorse and submit the application within the due date for the application to be valid.