“For a small contribution,
you can make a big difference.”
Steve Hooker.

We are so appreciative of The Sports Excellence Scholarship. It has made it possible for Bec to compete at the School Sport Australia Triathlon Championships. A wonderful experience for her, enabling her to compete against the best junior triathletes in the country, but to also have the amazing opportunity to captain the Team Vic team. It is something she will never forget and would not have been possible without this wonderful initiative by School Sport Victoria through the Sports Excellence Scholarship Fund.

Cathy Henderson

This scholarship has taken away some of the worry of how we were going to manage to pay for everything for Riley to compete at the School Sport Australia Basketball Championships.

Lynda Spicer

Lee and myself are so grateful for the Sports Excellence Scholarship.
Without the availability of funding such as this, it would be very difficult for Lee and other students to participate in National sporting events that help them realise their full sporting potential.

Knowing that this funding was available helped us make the decision to send Lee to the School Sport Australia 15 years and under Australian Football Championships.

The scholarship allowed Lee to be more relaxed about this trip and the financial impact it has and therefore able to perform better.

Susan Taylor

We are extremely blessed and grateful for this SESF. This scholarship means that Malia can focus on performing at her best in the upcoming School Sport Australia Championships. Like all parents of elite athletes, the financial costs of sports can be a huge barrier to whether or not our children pursues sports at an elite level, also a cause of much worry and stress for young athletes themselves. Therefore, we thank SSV for this scholarship and the provision that it provides in Malia’s sporting future, and for her peace of mind. Thank you SSV and MCC for your help.

Rita Seumanitafa
The Sports Excellence Scholarship Fund was the defining factor enabling Josh to participate in Hobart at the School Sports Australia Championships. Being one of six children, money is especially tight. Thank you so much!
Danielle Wight